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Radio Communications Systems - Recipe for Project Success

September 06, 2021

What is project success? The project is completed on time, within budget and meets all client’s needs and expectations.

Our business is built and continues to rely on completing every project successfully.

Each project is a reference for our next project. A project failure reduces our chances to continue to be successful, not to mention the losses associated with the failure.

Most of our projects are from concept to commissioning. Our clients are totally reliant on us to ensure that they receive the radio or wireless communications system that they need and expect, on time, and within budget.

The fundamentals of strong project management and a clear, sound and enforceable project management plan and process are essential to the success of a project and the cornerstone of all our projects.

We were recently involved as a sub consultant (subject matter expert) on a large public project which required us to rely on our client (our prime consultant) for the project management of our portion of the work.

It eventually became clear to us that the client (the prime consultant) appeared to be short on project management resources or ignored project management fundamentals for its sub consultants, which we regrettably discovered too late.

Consequently, the project was a continual flurry of disconnected and unplanned activities because of our client’s apparent lack of strong, (or maybe competent) project direction that ultimately resulted in disappointment for us and our client and premature contract termination.

What we re-learned from this experience (and never should have forgotten)

Project Management Essentials For Success

After 38 years and dozens of projects, we still need to be continually diligent throughout each project, that the essentials for strong and successful project management are always forefront and that we do not allow someone else’s project management weaknesses or deficiencies to affect our work or our project success, which regrettably we allowed to happen in the case of the project mentioned above.

Every successful project needs all the ingredients below.

Any of the following that are not fully embraced, dramatically increases the risks of project failure.

So, what is essential for sound, practical project management plan and strong competent project management?

Strong project leadership with:

Strong project direction by the project manager in accordance with the project management plan to:

Competent and committed project resources that include as a minimum: